Genus Perfomance Gardenwear range to receive RHS endorsement

RHS endorses trousers and shorts designed for gardening comfort and performance

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has announced a new apparel endorsement. Starting from 1 July, and following extensive trialling, the RHS will be endorsing four pairs of trousers and two pairs of shorts from Genus Performance Gardenwear, a designer and supplier of high-performance clothing for gardeners.

The trousers include the popular 3-Season Gardening Trousers for Women, Everyday Gardening Trousers for Women and All-Weather Gardening Trousers for Men, all of which offer a wide range of features, including adjustable, breathable and damp-proof padded knees, stab-resistant pockets for secateurs and knives and raised waistband for back protection, in a showerproof, easy-care, quick-drying, stretch fabric. The 3-Season and All-Weather trousers also have a waterproof seat panel.

A brand-new addition launched in April, Summer Gardening Trousers for Women offer similar features in a cool, dirt-resistant cotton stretch fabric. Also launched in April are Summer Gardening Shorts, for both women and men, which have the same features as the summer gardening trousers (except, of course, for the padded knees!).

All trousers and shorts have a zipped pocket in which a gardener can keep his or her mobile phone.

The endorsement followed extensive trialling by a group of gardeners at RHS Garden Wisley. RHS Garden Wisley Team Leader for Herbaceous Ornamental, Verity Bradbury, says: “My gardening team tested Genus performance garden wear at RHS Garden Wisley. The trousers were a great fit and very comfortable. Dirt brushed off easily, the pockets were really useful and the adjustable knee pads to suit all were a great idea.”

The Genus range is only available online. The target market for the range includes amateur gardeners, garden designers and professional gardeners in a wide range of territories; Genus products sell to thousands of people all over the world.

Launched in 2013, Genus was conceived after its founder, Sue O’Neil, had difficulty finding clothes gardeners could wear for all activities and in all conditions. Her answer was to design her own: the world’s only brand of high-performance, technical outdoor clothing with unique features and functionality, specially designed for gardening.

Sue O’Neil, Founder and Director, Genus Performance Gardenwear, says: “We, like the RHS, take gardening very seriously, so meeting the high standards of the RHS and its members is very important to us. We are delighted that, after comprehensive testing by RHS experts, we have received the very first RHS endorsement for gardenwear.”

Cathy Snow, RHS Licensing Manager, says: “The Genus range is tough, good-looking, functional and easy to clean, all features that make it ideal for our members – as our testing team has confirmed. We are delighted to offer our endorsement to this sturdy, and stylish range of gardenwear.”

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