Oliver Rock the new coproduction from Planeta Junior, Sony Music and Isla Audiovisual

Planeta Junior, a leading European family entertainment company, producer Isla Audiovisual and multinational corporation Sony Music have joined forces to co-produce a live-action series that will bring children closer to the music their parents listen to. “Oliver Rock” is based on the peculiar universe of Oliver’s dreams – and this boy’s dreams sound like a rock band trapped inside a labyrinth. The series is designed for 7-12 year olds – few attractive projects are tailored to this segment.

Based on an original idea by Isla Audiovisual, “Oliver Rock” has strong visual appeal that blends a variety of styles with action, comedy and a lot of music-based attitude. The stars of the series are one of the best rock groups on the planet: “The Olivers”. Bravo is the superhero singer; Brinco plays acoustic guitar, Black Flash is crazy about street sport and Beta is an android. Together they have loads of adventures reflecting the interests and concerns of any tween. The Billy Boom Band stars in every episode. This real rock group is formed by the members of La Sonrisa de Julia, whose first album “Pasarlo Bien” (Good Times) is already on sale, and who will compose songs especially for the series.

Comprising 26 episodes of 22 minutes, the series has an innovative format that will include music videos, street sport, puppets and surprising digital effects to complement the adventures of the four heros.

“Oliver Rock” is the first live-action series produced by Planeta Junior. The company is responsible for marketing the series and its licenses worldwide, and presented the production at MipTV, where it was very warmly received. Sony Music, Isla Audiovisual and Planeta Junior will start production on “Oliver Rock” this sumer.

Ignacio Segura de Lassaletta, Director General at Planeta Junior, noted: “Although we have worked with music-based series, this is the first time we will co-produce a live-action series with this profile. I can’t think of better partners than Sony Music and Isla Audiovisual to create a format that I believe the market has been asking for for some time.”

José María Barbat, President of Sony Music Iberia remarked: “Music content for young audiences has been a strategic business area for Sony Music España for some time. When we discovered the Billy Boom Band and its TV incarnation – Oliver Rock, we immediately wanted to be part of this amazing adventure, through which we again hope to change the rules of the game.”

David García, Director General at Isla Audiovisual added “For Isla Audiovisual, “Oliver Rock” is a strategic project and an incredible adventure. And you need to have the best people on board your adventures. Our partners Planeta Junior and Sony Music are hard to beat. Together we are going to work to make “Oliver Rock” a benchmark for children’s content.”

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