The Perfetti van Melle Group, one of the leading confectionery companies in the world, offers its consumers new ways to experience its most popular brands: Mentos®, Chupa Chups®, Airheads® and Frisk®.

The long-standing heritage and built-in brand awareness of these brands allows for massive opportunities in licensing, both for lifestyle-oriented products as well as in the food and beverage aisles.

For each brand, an amazing style guide has been built around the popular logo and its characteristic iconography, which also includes designs with a nostalgic retro look that are perfect to take to fashion and accessories. The flavor and color equities of these brands are easily leverageable for innovative food and beverage, personal care and air fragrance products.

In the USA and Canada, Lisa Marks Associates will represent Mentos® for its first ever licensing program and will develop a broad array of lifestyle and personal care categories, whereas Jewel Branding & Licensing will represent Airheads® to build the brand lifestyle program.
In personal care and food-based brand extensions, the brands can really leverage their core assets of taste and flavor to give products a new edge to stand out on the crowded retail shelves.
Beanstalk has been appointed exclusively by Perfetti van Melle to take the Mentos®, Airheads® and Chupa Chups® brands into selected food categories.

After a successful launch of Popsicles® by Unilever, the frozen program has expanded this year. Koldwave Foods has launched a large assortment of frozen treats featuring Airheads® candy flavors, which allows for enjoyment of the beloved treat in an innovative way. The product line offers eight distinctive Airheads® flavors and has a clear connection to the original candy bars. The ice cream incorporates ribbons of real Airheads® flavored taffy, creating never-before-seen combination.

Retail partners across the USA are embracing the brand and next year’s novelties are already in development while further food-based agreements are under negotiation. “The flavors and assets of our brands are perfect to add fun and value to classic products. Creative licensed products are guaranteed to appeal to the consumers who already like and trust our brands.“ says Christine Cool, Area Licensing Manager of Perfetti van Melle.

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