Studio 100 Group expanding its international business and creative production capabilities

Studio 100 has reported record figures for 2018 with a turnover of € 179.7 million supported by strong theme park results and overwhelming performance of its latest live show production “40-45”. The company’s success paves the way for further expansion of its international business and creative capabilities.

Commencing with the appointment of Barbara Stephen as CEO of Content for Studio 100 International. Ms Stephen will assume executive management of all development, investment and animation production across the creative businesses including Studio 100 Animation (Paris), Studio Isar Animation (Munich), Little Airplane Productions (New York) and will continue in the role of CEO for Flying Bark Productions (Sydney).

Hans Bourlon, CEO of Studio 100 Group: “We are extremely happy with the results of our group, feeling confirmed in the way we are developing as a corporate group within the entertainment business. To continue this path, we constantly must adapt to the changing market situations. We absolutely trust in Barbara to lead our content and production teams across the globe. The Board and I are very optimistic about the future, while being grateful for the hard work of our staff and what was achieved so far. And we believe that the best is yet to come!”

Studio 100 will continue to invest significantly in original independent animated movies, series and brand activities, as well as the diversification of its technical and animation services.

The company has backed the major expansion of Flying Bark’s in-house animation capabilities which now includes the new appointment of Alexia Gates-Foale as Head of Animation Production.

“Flying Bark has worked hard to develop a strong culture of creativity and inclusiveness with a focus on delivering world-class content across hand-drawn 2D and CGI character animation. Alexia has been pivotal in shaping the modern studio and will continue to provide strong leadership and creative vision for our future direction.” says Barbara Stephen, Content CEO of Studio 100 International and CEO of Flying Bark Productions.

Studio 100 is also investing in the diversification of its Studio 100 Animation business (Paris). The company has been developing a Virtual Reality service to re-invent CGI animation pipelines using real-time technologies that will reduce the overall cost-perminute of animation. Studio 100 Animation will be launching a professional demonstration of the service at Annecy International Film Festival Market next week.

Katell France, Managing Director of Studio 100 Animation says: “We are thrilled to offer this new Virtual Reality service to other productions. Directors, artists and producers immediately see the productivity, quality and cost efficiency of this innovative production tool”.

The international activities of Studio 100 extend beyond animation. The company continuously produces new live action movies and series. This activity is based in the Belgian studios of Studio 100 (Schelle). Anja Van Mensel, CEO of Studio 100 Benelux, leads the live action content production. This content is produced in-house, from concept to filming, right through to post-production. Series include the international rating winner “House of Anubis”, and more recently the adventure series “Ghost Rockers”, “Night Watch” and “Campus 12”.


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