Yes I Am for Mentos®, a fashion party for the Mentos capsule collection

The iconic Mentos® packaging is at the heart of a new co-branding and fashion collaboration in this latest “Yes I Am for Mentos®” launch.

Not long ago, Mentos® stepped up its licensing program, immediately sharing its brand values with other partners. A first cameo was Pantone Colorwear x Mentos®, launched at Pitti in January 2015, then last year came Citroen with the “stay fresh“ campaign in collaboration with C1.

Now, Mentos® and an Italian peculiar fashion label, Yes I Am, have designed a limited edition of Swimwear and windbreakers jackets launched to create buzz on both brands, and inspirations which are relevant to all the next Mentos® partners.

Yes I Am is a recently launched brand of men’s beachwear, which DNA could be summarized in three words: bold, colorful, and cheeky. Loved by bloggers and socialites, it is now coming out from its niche to be found in concept stores like M Collective in Milan, where visual merchandising is organized by state of mind.
M Collective hosted the party launch of Yes I Am for Mentos®, during the hectic days of the Design Week. The ironic swimsuits and jackets were presented by Cristiano Rinaldi himself with his team, together with the licensing team from Perfetti Van Melle, owner of Mentos® brand, in a disco atmosphere with models, music and drinks and party animals lining up outside.

The fresh and cheeky collection is now on shelves in selected stores around Italy and available online:

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