Find Mentos®, Airheads® and Chupa Chups® in the 5 surprise mini brands by ZURU

Perfetti Van Melle is excited to be a part of the 5 Surprise Mini Brand collection launched by innovative toymaker ZURU in Walmart USA and Canada this spring

These collectibles that fit in your hand are realistic miniatures of the world’s most iconic and loved shopping brands. After unwrapping, peeling and revealing the reusable capsules, over 70 different miniature collectibles and shopping accessories can be discovered. With its dynamic in store presence the Mini Brand Collection is creating a major impact in Walmart stores.

No less than three of Perfetti Van Melle’s most loved and iconic brands are included in this collection: Mentos®, Airheads® and Chupa Chups®. Mentos® also has the honor of being one of the super rare finds: the golden Mentos® mini!

The launch campaign by leading kids influencers is already enjoying massive success receiving millions of views of the unboxing videos of this fun collectible collection on Youtube and Instagram.

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